July 18, 2024

Gardai given powers to turn Kilkenny people away from holiday homes in Easter crackdown

An Garda Siochana have been given sweeping new powers that allows them to turn Kilkenny people to holidays homes and coastal regions for the Easter weekend.

Minister for Health Simon Harris has signed regulations to give members the authority to enforce Covid-19 restrictions including forcing people to return to their homes and to arrest or fine them if they refuse.

In addition, Gardaí will begin an operation across the country aimed at preventing people from leaving their homes and travelling to Kilkenny holiday locations for the Bank Holiday Easter weekend.

The powers will expire on Sunday.

It is understood that additional checkpoints will be placed on main roads out of the major towns and cities and on roads to the coast after Mininser Harris admitted last night on Primetime that restrictions are unlikely to be relaxed this weekend.

Patrols are also to be stepped up at key locations such as parks and natural beauty spots.

The fresh moves comes as the authorities worry that more and more people are congregating and not remaining within 2km of their homes.


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