April 25, 2024

‘Thousands of checkpoints and no Easter egg deliveries’ – Garda Commissioner warns Kilkenny public what to expect

Thousands of checkpoints with more than 2,500 Garda are to be expected on Irish roads this weekend enforcing Operation Fanacht, the operation aimed at curbing the movement of the public beyond 2km.

The operation will see an extensive network of checkpoints set-up to deal with anyone who is more than 2km from their homes and if stopped and beyond the restriction zone they will be sent back.

People who felt the need to visit holiday homes around the country have been told they must remain there for the duration of the crisis and not return to their primary residence, while cyclists have been simply told to get off their bikes.

At the press conference relating to the launch of the operation, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said a small minority of people are flouting the rules set down during the Coronavirus crisis.

The commissioner said that people will be given every opportunity to comply with gardai before any form of enforcement will take place as gardai continue to work with communities to halt the spread of Covid-19.

He expressed his frustration that people are still ignoring restrictions and leaving their homes for non-essential reasons.

Commissioner Harris made reference to cyclist not adhering to the 2km zone saying  “this must stop,” before saying gardai will crackdown on cyclists in the coming days.

He pleaded with the elderly not to deliver Easter Eggs to their grandchildren this weekend as it is considered a non-essential journey.

Commissioner Harris warned people against visiting holiday homes, and told those already at their holiday locations –  they are now there for the duration of this crisis and cannot return to their primary residence.

The Operation will run from today at 12noon until Monday night, April 13.


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