July 18, 2024

Gardai hunt thugs who used terrified chicken ‘as a football’


A CHICKEN had to be put down after a group of drunk and cruel youths kicked the bird around as if it was a football.

The bird was found with its wings cut off back to the joint. The bird had also lost the use of its legs. The bird was covered in infections and had all its feather scrapped off from the abuse.

The bird was discovered in the Templars Hall estate in neighbouring Waterford city after two females managed to flag down a passing Garda patrol car to tell about about the horrific act of cruelty they had just witnessed.

The witnesses told gardai a group of drunk youths were using the chicken “like a football”, pushing the bird along the ground from one to the next.

The officers immediately contacted Waterford Animal Welfare, who arrived at the scene a short time later. They  found the extremely distressed and seriously injured bird cowering in the corner of the estate, hiding among empty beer cans.

A spokesperson from Waterford Animal Welfare described the birds’ injuries as  “horrendous”.

They told KilkennyNow.ie: “It had its wings cut off, cuts and abrasion all on the underside of the bird as its legs didn’t work. There were feathers scrapped off the bird from all parts of its body from friction with the ground.

“We rushed the bird to the city vets to get the chicken inspected. The vet found the bird to be grossly underweight and in terrible pain and found the best course of action was to put the bird down humanely.”

Gardai in Waterford said: “Gardaí on patrol in Waterford came across an injured hen at approximately 8:20pm on September 9. Animal Welfare were contacted. No arrests have been made. Enquires are ongoing.”




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