July 21, 2024

Healthcare workers battle to keep Kilkenny services running in wake of cyberattack

Covid-19 testing and vaccinations have not been affected by the cyberattack on the Health Service Executive’s (HSE) computer systems.

Meanwhle, staff at St Luke’s General Hospital are working hard to maintain many services in the face of the unprecedented IT crisis.

In the five days since the HSE’s system went down, 425 people in Kilkenny have received a walk-in Covid-19 test at the Hebron Industrial Estate.

Ueople can attend the Kilkenny testing centre on a walk-in basis until further notice, but no appointment is necessary.

The HSE has confirmed the rollout of the vaccination programme at the Cillin Hill centre has not been affected and is working to capacity. They are now taking bookings for appointments from people aged between 45-49.

In a statement, the HSE said today: “As a result of a ransomware attack, the HSE’s IT system continues to be shut down as a precaution whilst the matter is being addressed.

“All Community Healthcare appointments (health centres, home help, mental health clinics, therapists and disability services etc) stand. You will be contacted by the HSE if there is any change.”

Howeevr, services at St Luke’s have been more severely affected, although the hospital has managed to keep a number of essential services running.


  • Oncology clinic.
  • Some specialist diagnostic services.
  • X-ray and cardiac diagnostic services are disrupted.

Services proceeding:

  • Emergency Department – expect delays.
  • Urgent day case procedures are taking place – but emergency cases are being prioritised.
  • Day case oncology treatment in UPMC Aut Even – contact the clinic secretary with the details on your appointment letter.
  • Routine physiotherapy.
  • Antenatal clinics and classes.
  • Inpatient services remain mostly unaffected.

Services proceeding but with delays:

  • Blood test.
  • X-ray results.
  • Routine laboratory services for GPs (Urgent GP tests will be prioritised).
  • Routine outpatient appointments.








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