July 12, 2024

‘Help us help you’ – our nurses’ emotional appeal as they prepare for surge in Covid-19 cases

Brave nurses at our regional hospital have sent a powerful message to the peolpe of Kilkenny and the South East as they brace themselves for the expected surge in coronavirus cases over the coming days and weeks.

Last night it was confirmed that a third person has died from Covid-19 as the number of confirmed cases rose by 191, bringing the total to 557 in the Republic.

Many more are expected to follow, with up to 15,000 expected cases by the end of this month.

Our dedicated medical staff on the frontline of the greatest public health emergency in the history of the State are determined to save as many lives as possible – but they need our help in the battle that lies ahead.

Every effort is being made to bolster our embattled health services to cope with the unprecedented public health threat.

But, as the message from our nurses at University Hospital Waterford illustrates, the greatest weapon we have at our disposal to fight Covid-19 lies in the ability and willingness of every member of the community to follow the best advice of the health authorities, to “come together by staying apart” and maintain the highest possible hygiene standards to save our public health system from collapse.

As local nurse Emma Kate O’Dwyer put it: “Help us help you! As nurses we are not asking you for a thank you, we want everyone to come together by staying apart to stop the spread of Covid-19.”

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