June 17, 2024
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Homes in Kilkenny worth far more than in rest of south east: new report

Average house prices in Kilkenny are significantly higher than the rest of the south east, new figures reveal.

Latest statistics from the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) show the average cost of a four-bedroom house in Kilkenny city and county has risen to €283,750. A similar size house costs €243,334 in Waterford, €220,000 in Wexford, €215,000 in Carlow and just €192,500 in Tipperary.

The average value of a three-bed semi is also highest in Kilkenny (€228,750) amoung our neighbouring counties. Waterford is again next highest in terms of value at €206,667, following by Wexford (€191,667), Carlow (€190,000) and Tipperary €170,000.

An average two-bedroom apartment in Kilkenny will now put you back €169,250. This is nearly €60,000 higher than an average two-bed apartment in Wexford (€113,334).

In Waterford and Carlow a two-bedroom apartment is now valued at €110,000. An average two-bed in Tipperary will set you back just €80,000.

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