September 27, 2022

‘I threw the pieces all over the place’ – Garda claims man accused of murdering Kilkenny woman Patricia O’Connor said he cut her up

The man accused of murdering Kilkenny woman Patricia O’Connor said he had cut her up and threw the pieces “all over the place up there” in the Wicklow Mountains, a Garda has told the Central Criminal Court.

The jury also heard that Kieran Greene (34), who denies murdering Patricia O’Connor on May 29 2017,  said to Gardai that “the stuff up the mountains” was him.

Garda PJ Foley gave evidence that he saw a man in the waiting room of Rathfarnham Garda Station on the evening of June 12, 2017 and that he wanted to speak to someone in charge adding that the body in the Wicklow Mountains was that of Mrs O’Connor.

Sergeant Lucy Myles then spoke to the accused who said he had done something terrible,  “the stuff up the mountains was me” and that he had cut up the body parts of his mother-in-law and threw them “all over the place up there”.

Sgt Myles told the court that Mr Greene claimed that he was getting out of the shower when Mrs O’Connor came in and started shouting and screaming at him.

Mr Greene said she started hitting him with a hurl before he grabbed her and hit her back and all he remembered was coming around and she was lying on the floor with blood everywhere.

Mr Greene said he had put her in the boot of the car and brought her to Wexford, where he buried her in a shallow grave, before a few days later he panicked, dug her up, cut her up and scattered her in the mountains.

The court heard detectives decided to interview Mr Greene again when he told them he could not live with the guilt – he said it was eating him up, he could not sleep; he felt sick, weird and horrible and kept seeing his kids’ faces.

Mr Greene added  he thought he saw his dead uncle who said everything would be alright.

He added that he he felt safe, as she was not going to hurt the kids or pick on them and sobbed as he said if he could take it back he would.

He claimed that Mrs O’Connor was verbally abusive on a constant basis and she was always threatening to have them killed and said she wanted them out and him gone.

Mr Greene said he returned to the scene where he had buried the body in Wexford but he said he could not move the body.

He said he decided he had to chop her up to make her lighter and put the body parts in black bags and loaded them into the car.

He drove initially past the Hell Fire Club in the Dublin Mountains and at a point past there he opened one of the bags and dropped the body part into a ditch.

He said he pulled in five or six times and left a body part each time until everything was gone, as well as the clothes he had been wearing and the tools he used.

He said he got back into his car and sobbed and that the kids did not have to worry anymore and he was finally free. Asked what he was free from, he said: “All the torment and pain she caused, the verbal, giving out to the kids.”

The case will continue tomorrow.

Mrs O’Connor’s daughter, Louise, her former partner, Keith Johnston and their daughter, Stephanie O’Connor have all pleaded not guilty to impeding the apprehension and prosecution of Mr Greene.

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