June 16, 2024

‘I’m coming home’- Kilkenny cancer campaigner Vicky gets break from treatment in US

Cancer campaigner Vicky Phelan is coming home to see her family next month before returning to the US to see out the remainder of her experimental treatment.

The Mooncoin mother-of-two, who is currently in the US undergoing a trial cancer treatment, was beaming when she took to Instagram yesterday to say she will be home in “a little over five weeks.”

Vicky, who is taking part in a trial cancer treatment called M7824 at the National Institute of Health facility in Maryland, has been in the US since early January. Her treatment is expected to last a year.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Vicky took to Instagram describing the pain of being away from her family for long and how she longed to see them.

Now her wishes have come through and Vicky will be back in Ireland in early July.

In her latest video, the 46-year-old said: “I am going home! I have booked my flight home for early July which is only a little over 5 weeks away. The kids are ecstatic and counting down the days on calendar at home in the kitchen.

“I am doing the same with a desk calendar that someone sent me. I’m not sure how long I will be home for but it will probably be 4 weeks.

“I would love longer but I will settle for four weeks. It will all depend on results from my next scan which will only take place a few days before I fly home. So, fingers, toes and everything crossed that all will be good with my scan.

“Thank you all for your support over the past two weeks. It has been so important to me and has honestly kept me going when I was feeling sick and homesick and just wanted to go home,” Vicky added.


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