January 19, 2022

Discarded blanket poses ‘serious hazard’ to drivers on Kilkenny motorway

This blanket was found on the M9 motorway in Kilkenny, putting the lives of motorists at risk.
It is believed the blanket fell onto the busy road after a careless owner failed to secure it properly to their vehicle.

Gardai described it as a “serious hazzard” for motorists.

A local Garda spokesperson said: “This blanket was taken from Lane 2 on the M9 Motorway, by Kilkenny Roads Policing members putting the lives of motorists and Gardai at serious risk of harm or death.”

The spokesperson urged drivers: “Please ensure that you secure all items on your vehicle before setting out.

An insecured load is an offence but in this case it could have had devastating consequences.”

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