June 5, 2023
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Keeping fit during Covid-19: WIT Arena unveils new virtual gym

WIT Arena, just over the border from South Kilkenny, has launched its own online virtual gym platform in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new platform provide a unique online fitness service to students and local members of the public with live classes taught by WIT Arena instructors, as well as nutritional advice and personalised home programmes.

The unique offering builds on WIT Arena’s large class attendances and individual gym users, their specialised ‘Be Active’ groups such as Ex-well (for cancer patients in recovery), De-frail (Older adults with mobility issues) and Move On (for members recovering from Cardiac issues).

The WIT Arena’s sport packages currently cater for elite and scholarship athletes, both individual and teams. Now they are expanding this service to cater for all sport users.

A spokesperson said: “The platform caters for a wide and varied range of activities for gym users, active ageing and athletes who during this time may find themselves cocooning or with limited access to specific programs to meet their needs.”

As part of this offering the WIT Arena also unveiled details of on-demand virtual group exercise classes. This is the result of a collaboration with digital partner Wexer, a world leader in the delivery of on demand virtual fitness, which will cater for almost 10 million online users across the globe this year. Wexer will provide WIT Arena members with a virtual library of thousands of different types of classes taught by some of the best instructors in the world.

WIT Arena Manager, John Windle said: “We wanted this to be more than just a fitness programme, this offering caters for young and old, those who are already on their fitness journey and those who are just beginning.

“The Wexer portal allows users to stream their choice of virtual classes – anytime, anywhere ensuring a greater element of flexibility. Connecting through our online community classes and coach engagements is one of the core values of our new platform.

“Whilst we envisage this virtual platform will become part of our long term offering we know the value of connection and look forward when the time is right to returning to the WIT Arena.”

For further information, email witarena@wit.ie



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