May 21, 2024
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Key stage of works at landmark Kilkenny city-centre development completed

Visible progress has been made on one of the largest and most significant developments in Kilkenny in a generation.

Another stage of work on the Abbey Quarter in the city centre has been completed, with workers and machinery now ready to move to the next stage of the development.

Kilkenny County Council announced that work on the walkway through the Abbey Quarter, which will connect it to the city, is now virtually complete. Last month the council confirmed work on Urban Skate Park was close to completion.

A spokesperson for Kilkenny County Council  said: “Work on the construction of the walkway through the park is now substantially complete, with the planting and soft landscaping of the park to take place during November.

“We are ready for tender for the renovation of the Tea House at Bateman Quay, with these works to commence in 2021, following completion of the Riverside Garden Project.”

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