July 18, 2024
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Kilkenny commuters caught up in traffic chaos as farmers’ blockade escalates

The blockade of Dublin city centre by farmers, angry at the lack of progress on promises made to them over the summer, has entered a second day.

Kilkenny commuters have seen hours added to their journey to work this morning, some stuck for a number of hours on the M50, not even getting close to the city centre.

Dublin commuters are resigned to the fact they are facing into another day of traffic chaos after farmers blocked roads around the city centre and local authorities and the gardai have put in place a number of diversions.

Agriculture Minister, Michael Creed, earlier this morning, met with farmers who are picketing outside the Dáil, to appeal to them to lift the blockade but he failed.

The farmers are still angry at comments made by Minister Creed in the Dáil yesterday, which implied death threats were made against the management of a meat factory in Longford during the beef crisis protests over the summer. The farmers strenuously deny this.

The farmers have gathered in Dublin in frustration over the fact the beef taskforce, promised in talks to break the impasse during the beef crisis, has not yet been put in place, with farmers saying the beef producers still will not engage with them.

One beef producer still has two injunctions out on farmers who took part in the beef crisis movement. Until these injunctions are lifted, the taskforce cannot convene.

When speaking to the farmers, who are attached to no farming group, Minister Creed assured them he was trying to get the taskforce up and running but admitted there are still a couple of issues preventing it from starting.

Minister Creed told the farmers: “We are trying to work to get a solution to that, but it is not easy because people have been threatened and that’s not an easy thing.”

Due to the number of tractors brought to the capital by farmers from all around the county, commuters have badly affected, with streets closed and Dublin Buses being diverted.

Molesworth Street, Merrion Square South, St Stephen’s Green East, Kildare Street and Merrion Street Upper, Merrion Row, Cuffe Street and Kevin Street remain closed to traffic until further notice.

Luas services are operating as normal.

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