June 24, 2024
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Kilkenny company wins landmark ruling against Australian Tax Office

A Kilkenny firm has won a landmark ruling against the Australian Tax Office, which could significantly benefit working tourists.

Taxback.com went to court over the controversial “Backpacker tax” introduced by the Australian Government in January 2017. The new scheme removed the AU$18,200 tax-free threshold on working holiday visas to Australia and replaced it with a 15% tax rate on all income up to AU$37,000.

The Kilkenny company won the case against the Tax Office after arguing the new tax system was in breach of tax treaties Australia signed with eight countries – the UK, Germany, Finland, Norway, the US, Chile, Japan and Turkey.

Ireland was not one of the countries that signed a treaty, but people travelling to Australia may well benefit from this decision.

Taxback.com provides global tax refund and tax return services on behalf of working holidaymakers from eight countries.

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