May 23, 2024
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Kilkenny could reap benefits from overcapacity at Dublin Port

Shipping containers bound for the west of Ireland that currently dock at Dublin Port could soon be bound for Belview Port in south Kilkenny.

Dublin Port recently suspended its direct rail link to Ballina in county Mayo, a service that saw more than 14,000 shipping containers carried by train to the town in the west.

However, due to the higher demands on Dublin Port due to Brexit and haulers no longer being able to use the UK landbridge, delays due to Brexit checks and the impact of Covid-19 has resulted in Dublin Port suspending the service to reclaim the area for their shipping containers.

And the Irish Times has reported Dublin Port may well rip up the rail line in the coming three years altogher. Green TD Ciaran Cuffe took social media to express his anger at the this decision, which could result in 28,000 more lorry journeys added to Irish roads.

Deputy Cuffe said: “One freight train can take dozens of trucks off the roads. Dublin Port Company should apply for Brexit adjustment funding to reinstate and expand rail services.”

One of the alternative options put forward by Dublin Port to ensure delivery of the containers and goods is to use Belview Port in south Kilkenny as the point of entry.

Recently it was announced that Belview would be connected to Ballina once more by rail following upgrades of the line.

Management at Dublin Port sees this as a solution to the problem. Other solutions on the table include a huge infrastructure project around the Point Village in Dublin, constructing a shunting operation to connect the Port to the existing rail system.



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