November 23, 2020

Kilkenny DJ with 24 million online hits – hits online scammers trying to scam him


A KILKENNY DJ and producer who has 24 million hits online managed another big hit after scamming an online scammer.

Welshy, AKA Ross Walsh from Threecastles, managed to extract money from the internet criminals even though the scammer set out with the intention of extracting money from Ross.

The 22-year-old University of Limerick student first came to prominence as a DJ  while studying for his leaving cert in 2016. Ross sampled Caitlin Maude’s poem Géibheann and in just a matter of weeks the resampled poem amassed over 200,000 hits.

Ross who has a habit of making hits is now hitting online scammers where it hurts. This is the third time he has taken money from online scammers.

Early in September,  Ross was contacted by a person called Solomon Gundi claiming to be a “big business banker,” who was asking for £1,000 for his stock trading business.

Wanting to waste the scammer’s time, Ross started a conversation in which he told Solomon Gundi he was a businessman too and felt that a much larger investment would be more worthy of this opportunity.

The Kilkenny student made a mock-up of a bank transaction which said it transferred €50,000 to the scammer’s account, rather than the €1,000 requested.

Gundi came back to Ross saying the money had not landed into the scammer’s account yet. Quick thinking Ross said the bank put a halt on the transaction as they had suspicions it could be a scam.

With this Ross said they two should communicate in code to avoid detection from the taxman, and gave presented the scammer with some hurling terms to use as code – ‘high ball’ would be used for the word money; ‘short puck out’ for transaction; ‘county final’ would be used for the word business; and ‘the square’ would be used instead of Paypal.

Once this terminology was agreed upon, the Kilkenny DJ told Gundi if a small transaction landed into his account, the bank would no longer be suspicious.

Once €28 landed in Walsh’s account he let Solomon Gundi receive a full whack from his hurling terminology.

“One thing you need to understand about county final is never trust a short puck out,” Walsh told the scammer.

Ross then donated his recently acquired €28 to the Irish Cancer Society.

The multi-talented Kilkenny man has remixed tunes for Kodaline, Kygo and the Chainsmokers. Welshy recently signed to UK label Good Soldier (home of Gavin James and Freya Ridings) and has just started his biggest Irish tour.


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