August 8, 2022

Kilkenny elderly being targetted in door-to-door sales scam

A group of men are targeting the elderly in Kilkenny in a door to door sales scam, taking hundreds of euros at a time, off the terrified victims.

The men, once the door to the house is opened, begin pressurising and bullying elderly people into buying goods they do not want, for vastly inflated prices.

Reports have been received of the men cold calling rural houses around Callan and around Castlecomer this week.

The men carrying out the intimidation are selling goods such as cooking knives and cookware and will not relent in their sale until their victim hands over hundreds of euros for goods worth far less.

They are also bullying people into buying generators and power tools, which the homeowners have no use for, again at vastly inflated prices.

A local garda spokesperson told “The men are putting people under pressure, especially elderly people, to spend hundreds of euros on items they do not need for.

“We are asking people to exercise caution and not to leave people into your house who you don’t know, or when you are not expecting someone to call.”

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