February 23, 2024
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Come work in Kilkenny! 800 exciting career roles on offer at Christmas jobs market

Up to 800 new career opportunities in Kilkenny will be up for grabs at jobs fair being held in the city over Christmas.

The jobs exhibition is being run at Christmas to showcase the hundreds of jobs and the array of positions available in Killenny, to people coming home for Christmas, as well as people living locally.

The Kilkenny Local Enterprise Office (LEO) is hosting the event, demonstrating the scale and the breadth of job opportunities available in Kilkenny, all in an effort to attract local skilled emigrants back to Marble City and county.

The event will take place in Kilkenny’s Medieval Mile Museum on December 28.

People who are interested in exploring the options available to them in Kilkenny will be able to talk with local employers, from small and medium enterprises to the numerous multinationals based in the city and county who have vacant posts they need to fill.

A range of leading local businesses ,including State Street, Cartoon Saloon & Lighthouse Studios, VHI, Bank of Ireland, CF Pharma, The Carne Group and the Asgard Group will be joined by rapidly growing local companies such as the Modubuild, Beotanics, Loanitt, Prochem, AB Agri, Entegro and Security Risk Advisors.

The jobs on offer will include IT professionals, Customer Care and Sales, Engineering, Technical, Financial, Administration, Network Planners, Technicians, HR, Accounting, Facilities and Production.

Organisers are also setting up a social media campaign targetting Kilkenny, highlighting the event and the roles on offer.

For more informaton, log on to: http://www.localenterprise.ie/kilkenny


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  1. All service sector positions, adding no actual value to the overall economy. Complete waste of time. Let us know when positions come up that will have some value to people. Most of the positions mentioned can be performed by a trained monkey.

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