July 4, 2022

Anger as Kilkenny cleric compares homosexuals and pro-choice supporters to ‘spiritual zombies’


A CAPUCHIN friar in Kilkenny has sparked controversy by comparing homosexuals and supporters of abortion rights, contraception and euthanasia to “spiritual zombies” that have been infected.

Brother Tom Forde delivered the controversial homily to his congregation in Kilkenny city on Saturday. Some people reportedly got up and left the church after hearing the remarks.

In his eulogy, Br Forde said: “There is no pick’ n ’mix with God. You are either all in or all out.”

In his oratory, the Capuchin friar said that if we are to look at art being a window to our soul, then in this world we live in today we are morally rotten and spiritually infected.

He added: “Maybe every culture’s art and creative impulses throw up images in which we can see something of our true state.

“In such an interpretation our society has a fascination with zombies, vampires, werewolves and superheroes because deep down we sense we are in trouble. We sense that many of those around us are in trouble. Many are physically alive but spiritually dead, morally rotten or at least infected.”

Br Forde began his homily by informing the congregation of his love of zombies and the horror film genre, but sensationally warned those in attendance that once his homily was over, they may have no respect for him anymore.

“I begin this homily with and embarrassing admission. It may destroy whatever respect you have for me. You may decide to disregard everything I say now and in the future. But there is a point to my admission, and I ask you to be patient with me.”

Br Forde also launched a scathing attack on the LGBTQ community, those who have supported abortion rights, those who use contraception, those who support euthanasia, as well as the greed associated with success and those involved in corruption.

“Beneath the skin of civilisation there lies corruption and that some, at least, of those around us would, if push came to shove, devour all that we love and cherish,” he said.

“We see it in self- destructive irrational behaviour. It is visible in the abuse of drugs and alcohol, adultery, fornication and homosexuality, as well as in the acceptance of abortion and contraception and in the move to legalise euthanasia.

“We see it in corruption, in greed for money and power, in gluttony, in the vile pride that denies one’s sinfulness and wrongdoing and in that sloth that stops even charity to those in need.”

In moving back to the theme of zombies to illustrate his point, Br Forde said there is redemption, but only if you fully accept God and Christ.

“In the zombie genre, once you are bitten you are infected and there is no hope. The only way to deal with the monsters is to stab or shoot them in the brain,” Br Forde said.

“Zombies thank God do not exist, but I would suggest, spiritual zombie-hood does. Here in the real world no one is beyond hope while they are still alive. No matter how grievous our sins no one need stay infected,” Br Forde added.

“The cure for all our moral and spiritual infection has been given to us in Christ. There is no other cure.”

“The way to be cured of our infection and experience God’s loving presence in our lives is through obedience to Christ. There is no pick‘n’mix with God. You are either all in or all out.”

Some stunned members of Br Forde’s congregation reportedly walked out after the homily. Others went online afterwards to voice their displeasure.

KilkennyNow.ie contacted Brother Forde and the Capuchin Friary in Kilkenny, but we were told they had no comment to make.

Br Forde’s eulogy initially appeared online, but has since been taken down.

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  1. Awh bless him, isn’t it his kind that have been molesting young boys for years, note he didn’t mention pedophiles in his homely, as that’s ok with the clergy types but they disprove of everyone else..
    fuck him and his prejudice cohorts that auld pedo homophobe!!

  2. Maureen Kelly says:

    I think the Friar’s brain has been fried from watching too many Zombie movies. This is the kind of right wing extremist attitude that we’re trying to move away from in Ireland, trying to embrace the true message of Christ which is Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself, trying to make society more inclusive and caring. As children growing up in Catholic Ireland we were taught to hate everybody including ourselves. Why do people self medicate and despair? All our illusions have been shattered. But the tables have turned. The pillars of society have been exposed as frauds. Leave the ordinary people alone, stop brow beating them, stop trying to make people ashamed of being human. The Friary in Kilkenny was one place that I thought practised true Christianity not this hate speech that we hear from Trump and his ilk. This is shameful and inexcusable. How can a grown man insult people and then say he didn’t mean it? Forty years ago I walked out of the Friary when a priest started belittling Bob Geldof from the pulpit after his appearance on the Late Late Show. Sixty years ago a priest from the same Friary berated my mother for daring to ask if 6 children would be considered a family in the eyes of the church. No was the answer…you have what God gives you!! So she had 4 more. I thought those two were the exceptions. I thought the Friars supported ordinary people, practised humility and led by example. Was I mistaken? Maybe it’s time for the good Friars of Kilkenny to Zombie walk into the night.

  3. 1 in 8 of the kids that would otherwise be going to school in the coming years will at the bottom of septic tanks or their incinerated remains at the bottom of landfills. The Catholic ethos in Ireland therefore saved 100,000s of lives. Of course they were assholes, they were assholes for a good reason. The Virtue Signallers in the Media who have usurped the Church are Implicit Liars, Black Propagandists and Violent Ideological Fanatics, who spew nothing but spin and groom bigotry and hatred (as demonstrated by the above contributors) but yet convince themselves that they are “virtuous”…………………………………. When “viciousness” is represented as “virtuousness” you know you’re been led by something extremely sick. Look up the Milgram Experiment

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