September 23, 2023

Kilkenny gets €1.5m for local road and bridge works

The Government today announced Kilkenny will get just under €1.5 million funding for road and bridge safety works.

The funding was welcomed by Kilkenny TD John Paul Phelan. Deputy Phelan said: “The investment announced this morning includes €567,000 for climate change adaptation and resilience works and €247,000 for bridge rehabilitation work on regional and local roads. This morning’s investments also include €397,400 for safety improvement works and €250,000 for improvements along the busy Castlecomer Road, a former national road.

“With even more traffic on our roads again, it is critical that surfaces are kept in good repair and that motorists, pedestrians and all road users feel safe. While I’d like to see more funding made available, this is a welcome boost,” Deputy Phelan said.

Where the money will be spent: Kilkenny road and bridge projects

L34291 Ballyrowragh Bridge Installation of box culvert to replace existing bridge. €15,000
L1022 – R699 L1022 Hennessys Bridge – R699 Preventative measure such as drainage works to mitigate road from flooding €45,000
R699 Drimeen Bridge (Goatsbridge) Bridge Strengthening & Repairs €20,000
L6641 Cashel Lawns Provision of variable speed pumps €21,000
L4212 L4212 Hugginstown Altering level of road to mitigate flooding coming into Hugginstown village €40,000
L1007 Bonnetstown Bridge. Bridge Strengthening & Repairs including flood relief measures and protection to river bed €20,000
R698 Owning Stream. Address scouring of wall supporting R698 adjacent to stream and repair collapsed sections of road boundary wall €50,000
L1032 L1032 Kidrummy – Windgap. Preventative measure such as drainage works to mitigate road and property flooding €40,000
L5885 Coolraheen North Tld. Bridge Bridge Strengthening & Repairs. €20,000
LT 59054 Ballyhemmin Lane. Protect road embankment from erosion caused by stream running parallel to the road / Rock armouring, gabions. €15,000
L4205 R703/R448 L4205 R703 – R448 Kilfane Protection works to protect road from slippage. €45,000
L6698 Springmount Install pipework and soakaway. €7,000
R698 Fiddown Improve drainage capacity to reduce flooding of private property below road.  €30,000
L4209 L4209 Raheen – Inistioge Protection works to protect road from slippage. €40,000
L2611 Outrath/Parcnagowan Increase size of attenuation tank. €25,000
L5047 Burnchurch Tld Bridge Strengthening & Repairs. €20,000
L6624 Garden Villas Install gullies and 60m pipework. €18,000
L1843 Uskerty Tld. Bridge East Bridge Strengthening & Repairs. €15,000
N77 Dunmore Village Install pipework and soakaway. €6,000
R691 Ballyclovan Meadows Bridge Bridge Strenthening & Repairs. €15,000
L6613 New Orchard Install pipework and soakaway. €8,000
L5101 Mabbotstown Bridge Bridge Strengthening & Repairs. €20,000
L2612 Ballyfoyle Road Install pipes across accesses. €12,000
L7553 Kilmacow Bridge Bridge Strengthening & Repairs. €20,000

Local Authority Road Number Location LA Allocation:
Kilkenny L7408 Ballynboley Clapper Bridge. €15,000
Kilkenny L7408 Knockhouse Stud Claper Bridge. €15,000
Kilkenny L4216 Carranroe Lower Bridge. €15,000
Kilkenny L 1807 & L 1811 Lisdowney Townland Bridges (4 nr). €25,000
Kilkenny L-100 Lismaine Bridge. €20,000
Kilkenny R – 697 Glory Cottage. €17,000
Kilkenny L – 1000 Templemartin Tld. €15,000
Kilkenny L – 705 Ballytighlea Bridge. €40,000
Kilkenny L – 42016 Old Ennisnag Bridge. €25,000
Kilkenny L – 5025 Curraghkehoe Bridge. €15,000
Kilkenny L – 1013 Blackstick Bridge. €15,000
Kilkenny L – 1806 Ballsallagh Bridge. €15,000
Kilkenny L – 1851 Tentore Bridge. €15,000
Kilkenny R694 Ballyragget road, Freshford. €25,000
Kilkenny R704 Ballynooney to Garrandarragh. €40,000
Kilkenny R701 Newmarket Junction. €20,000
Kilkenny R695 Between Drakelands Nursing home and Drakelands Middle Housing Estate. €60,000
Kilkenny R702 Murphy’s cross, Goresbridge; Junction of the R702 with the LP2642 & LP2639. €10,000
Kilkenny R698 Owning. €20,000
Kilkenny R697 Victoria Bridge, Ahenny. €25,000
Kilkenny LP3405 Strangmills. €15,000
Kilkenny R703/LS8305 Graiguenamanagh. Junction of R703 & LS8305. €25,000
Kilkenny R694 Ballyragget Village. R694 junction with Station Road and Green View. €25,000
Kilkenny LS7417 Doornane, Mooncoin. €15,000
Kilkenny R695 Callan. On R695 approach to Industrial Estate (Callan Bacon Factory) from N76. €7,500
Kilkenny LS7510 Robinstown. Junction of LS7510 & LS7511. €15,000
Kilkenny Various Speed measures at various locations around Kilkenny City. €17,400
Kilkenny LS6694 Rockfield road, Gowran. €22,500
Kilkenny LS 5896 Prince Grounds, Castlecomer. €10,000
Kilkenny LS7419 Polerone, Mooncoin. €10,000
Kilkenny LP3419 Ballyfasy. Junction of LP 3419 & LP3426. €10,000
Kilkenny LS8268/LS8272 Thomastown. Chapel Hill. €25,000

Local Authority Road Number Proposed Works LA Allocation:
Kilkenny R712 Castlecomer Road Width Reduction Measures: €250,000

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