February 22, 2024

Kilkenny heist movie chosen for prestigious film festival

A HEIST movie starring a cast of talented Kilkenny actors will feature in the prestigious Fastnet Film Festival.

Fastnet, based in Schull, Co Cork, is one of the country’s top film festivals, making it a fantastic coup for the local production company behind the film.

Steve Coogan of Alan Partridge fame, who himself has family roots in the Hebron area of the city, is a regular at the festival.

The Kilkenny film – titled ‘When to Fold ‘Em’ – is a heist movie with a small budget but a big twist and features talented local actors Ben Lanigan and Shane O’Keeffe.

The film was shot and edited by Kilkenny production team Dicemen Productions, who have only been established since the middle of last year.

Fastnet is the first festival ‘When to Fold ‘Em’ has been entered in, and the Kilkenny film company is hopeful the breakthrough will lead to more offers throughout the year.

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