September 26, 2023

Kilkenny man scoops €20k on Winning Streak – six years after wife won €63k on same show

A KILKENNY man scooped €20,000 when he appeared on RTÉ’s Winning Streak last Saturday – just six years after his wife appeared on the same show.

They say lightning never strikes twice, but for the family of Liam Breslin from Loughboy it has struck three times since 1994 when it comes to the Winning Streak TV game show.

Liam won €20,000 in cash on Winning Streak on behalf of his wife, Claire Breslin, whose name was drawn to appear on last week’s show, the last in the current series.

Claire first went on the show in January 2013 and won a whopping €63,000. This time around Claire was happy to hand the spotlight over to her husband Liam, who is originally from Derry but has been living in Kilkenny for the past 35 years.

And the family’s Winning Streak link doesn’t end there. Almost 20 years ago, on June 1994, Liam’s late father John Breslin appeared on the show, winning £12,000 (Irish punts) and a then, top of the range camcorder.

Liam got a call last week from his sister-in-law to tell him that his wife’s name had been drawn to appear on the show again. Liam laughed it off insisting they would have got a phone call by now. However, as the final Winning Streak draw took place on RTÉ’s Today Show, neither Claire or Liam saw it. It soon became apparent that Claire’s name had been pulled from the Winning Streak drum for the second time in six years.

Claire attributes her Winning Streak success to her formula of only posting her lucky three star scratch cards from a post box in Donegal, when up north visiting Liam’s family in Derry. It was a ritual which began for Claire back when she first got on the show and she has done it ever since.

Liam is now retired after spending most of his working life as a maintenance fitter. He moved to Kilkenny 35 years ago for work and there he met Claire and the pair settled in Loughboy. The couple have two adult daughters, Emma and Grace and two grandchildren, Libby and Giorgia who cheered Liam on from the Winning Streak audience. They were joined by other members of friends and family from Kilkenny.



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