August 18, 2022

Kilkenny motorists could face €2,000 fine for speeding

Kilkenny motorists caught speeding could face increasing fines depending on how fast they were going over the speed limit.

Transport Minister Shane Ross is to ask Cabinet to sign off on his revised plans to introduce graduated speeding penalties.

Under Minister Ross’s proposals, those caught driving up to 10kphover the limit would get  two penalty points on their license and a €60 fine; those driving 10kph to 20kph over the limit receiving three penalty points and an €80 fine, and those 20kph to 30kph over getting four penalty points and a €100 fine.

Anyone caught at over 30kph above the speed limit will be hauled before the courts on charges of dangerous driving. Under the current system, anyone caught speeding, irrespective of the speed, receives three penalty points and an €80 fine.

AA Ireland says these changes are not required and could be more difficult to enforce and is creating a complexity that isn’t necessary.

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