February 27, 2024
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Kilkenny multinational applies for huge city expansion


A KILKENNY multinational that announced 225 new positions this year looks set to make a massive capital investment in the city.

The parent company of Taxback International, Immedis and Transfermate has lodged a planning application for a 52,000 square foot new research and innovation facility to be situated on the IDA Business and Technology Park at Loughboy, Kilkenny City.

The developers who lodged the application, Fintech Properties Limited, are a subsidiary of the Taxback Group, the parent company of Taxback International, Immedis and Transfermate, who already employee large numbers in the city.

The development, if approved, will comprise of a five-storey research and innovation centre building on a 1.8 hectare greenfield site set within the existing IDA park. At present, an facility compromising 52,000 square feet would be a large office in term of the Dublin market.

Fintech Properties Ltd intends to build entrances to the facility from the existing road system in the IDA park. A new pedestrian entrance will be built off Bohernatownish Road, as well as parking for cars and bicycles.

Earlier this year, Immedis announced the creation of 200 jobs in various locations worldwide including Kilkenny, while Transfermate announced 25 jobs as part of a new strategic relationship with Wells Fargo. Just last year, Taxback International hired 80 new staff in Kilkenny.

The Taxback Group was established in 1996 by entrepreneur Terry Clune and now employs over 1,300 people globally.


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