June 8, 2023

Exciting new chapter as Kilkenny libraries invite public to first ever Open Day

It’s not just all about reading tomes under hushed tones anymore. Kilkenny’s Libraries are about much more than that.

Tomorrow Kilkenny Library Services will use the first ever National Library Open Day to invite people to come and see what their local library has to offer.

Libraries across the county will host a select showcase of the services they provide, with friendly staff on hand to join  show you around the library and its online services.

Kilkenny’s libraries provide a free, accessible service with something for everyone, from books, dvds, and music; free classes, clubs, events and activities for all ages; online courses and language learning; study spaces and relaxation areas; reading and literacy programmes and support schemes; business supports; health and wellness programmes; and local history and culture resources.

For more information on the Kilkenny Libraries and the National Library Open Day, visit the website www.kilkennylibrary.ie



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