December 9, 2021

Warning to Kilkenny ‘staycationers’ as car thieves target holidaymakers

With the weather expected to improve and more and more people taking to the roads for another ‘staycation summer’, Kilkenny gardai are urging people to ‘park smart’ when visiting scenic locations.

The new awareness campaign follows the publication of figures released by gardai that show 60% of thefts from vehicles at locations associated with outdoor activities, occur in summer months and more than €36 million has been stolen from vehicles in the past five years.

The average value of property stolen per incident is a whopping €660, while it is expected an average of €330 in cash will be taken per incident

Thieves favourite items to steal from cars includes, cash, electronics, jewellery and tools .

Gardaí have urged motorists to secure their vehicles when parking in unattended carparks in coastal and scenic locations, as millions of euro worth of property are stolen from cars each year.

Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Ber Leetch said: “Whilst overall theft from car incidents have reduced in the last 12 months, we anticipate the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions will see increased opportunities for criminals to take advantage of us as we holiday here in Ireland this summer.

“If you are travelling with your car to coastal and scenic areas this summer, plan your journey before you go. Check online if the location has a website or app with safety tips for visitors.

“Leave the expensive property at home if not required. Choose well serviced and well lit car parks where possible. Avoid carparks with signs of public disorder or criminal damage, such as broken glass.

“As you leave double check that your doors and windows are locked. Don’t be tempted to leave the windows slightly open,” Sergeant Leetch added.


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