November 30, 2023

KILKENNY WEATHER: Rain, flooding and even snow forecast iover coming days

There’s romance in the air, and couples can enjoy Valentine’s Day safe in the knowledge today will be a mostly dry and sunny affair.

But it’s anything but a love story for the rest of the week as Met Éireann has forecast a pretty miserable outlook, with rain, flooding and even snow predicted in parts of the county.

After some scattered showers this morning, the afternoon will be mainly dry, albeit mild, with highest temerpatures of between just 5 to 9 degrees.

Tomorrow will also begin dry, with temperatures in the afternoon ranging between 5 and 8 degrees and rain forecast for southwest, falling as sleet initially in the north.

Wednesday will be fair at first, but rain will later spread from the west. Initially, temperatures will be higher than usual for the time of year but it will turn cold with the clearing rain. Met Éireann said: “Winds will increase strong to gale southwest to west with stormy conditions likely to develop in western and northern coastal counties and the risk of some coastal flooding due to wave overtopping.”

The severe winds will moderate on Thursday to bring a mainly dry day, although there will be a few scattered rain or hail showers too, with a more persistent spell of rain later in the day and overnight. The national forecaster added: “There’s a chance of sleet and snow on hills and mountains overnight and at times to lower levels in the north. Becoming very windy again too.”

Friday will be a cold and very windy or stormy day with outbreaks of rain, sleet and hill snow. And current indications suggest the weekend will be breezy with unsettled weather.


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