July 2, 2022
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Kilkenny’s ‘Big Bang’ – massive ‘explosion’ heard in city last night explained

The huge bang that echoed across Kilkenny City last night that has everyone talking came from the boiler house at St Canice’s Cathedral, it emerged this morning.

At precisely 10.15pm people all over the city got a huge shock when a massive bang rang out. People online agreed the epicentre of the bang seemed to emanate from the city centre.

Readers contacted KilkennyNow.ie in the immediate aftermath of the bang. Many said they believed the noise came  from the Dean Street area, but the boom was heard as far away as the Hebron Road and Ring Road.

Gardai cleared up the confusion this morning. A local Garda source told KilkennyNow.ie: “A report came into us at 10.15pm that there had been an explosion in St Canice’s Cathedral.

“It was found there had been an explosion in the boiler house. There was no fire and no injuries to report.

“The fire service was called and dealt with the incident,” the spokesperson added.


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