February 23, 2024
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Kilkenny’s libraries get €280,000 to help keep people safe during Covid chapter

New funding has been provided to upgrade and modernise libraries in Kilkenny city and county and to help them adapt to Covid-19 social distancing rules.

The funding, part of a €2.8 million nationwide initiative, was announced recently by Kilkenny Fine Gael TD John Paul Phelan.

Deputy Phelan said the funding has been matched by a further €280,000 investment from Kiklenny County Council.

The Kilkenny TD said: “The libraries of Kilkenny will really benefit from this new funding to help them upgrade and modernise their facilities and technologies, and also to make the buildings more sustainable and energy efficient. Across Kilkenny, our communities are members of libraries located in the city, in Loughboy, Thomastown, Callan, Castlecomer, Urlingford and Ferrybank.

“They can also use the funding to adapt their premises to meet social distancing requirements and to provide additional remote working facilities.

“Libraries are an integral part of communities across Kilkenny city and county and it was great that some libraries could stay open during the pandemic, keeping their services going in new and innovative ways. This government wants to ensure they are supported in continuing this service in upgraded facilities,” Deputy Phelan added.

PHOTO: Children enjoying the facilities at Ferrybank Library 

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