December 3, 2023

LATEST: Gardai search for head of teenager brutally murdered and dismembered

Gardai are searching for the head of a 17-year-old who was abducted, murdered and his body dismembered by one of the country’s most notorious crime gangs.

It has emerged the youth was formally warned by gardaí that his life was in danger days before he was abducted on Sunday.

The vicitm’s body parts, including all his limbs and part of a torso, were discovered in a gruesome find in the Moatview area of Coolock on Monday night.

Reports this morning said the chief suspect in the case is a Dublin criminal who was released from jail and involved in a series of gang feuds.

A search for the victim’s head was taking place last night at the compound of a gang boss with close links to older associates of the murdered teen.

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