July 14, 2024

Lifting of lockdown next week ‘likely to be minimal’ – report

The lifting of the lockdown on May 5 is likely to be minimal despite the rate of infection, deaths and admissions to hospital all declining, according to reports this morning.

Ahead of a Cabinet meeting this morning, senior Government figures have said that the public should not expect any major easing of the restrictions when they expire after this weekend’s bank holiday, both the Irish Times and Irish Independent report.

Another Cabinet meeting will be held on Friday when the Government is then expected to announce any changes with the 2km travel distance from home restriction likely to remain for another two weeks.

However, it is believed that on Friday a plan for the eventual easing of the measures will be unveiled, with different phases taking place throughout the summer if certain targets are met.

Also, sources claim that testing capacity would be increased over the coming weeks, which would allow greater relaxation of the lockdown – but only if deaths, ICU admissions and new infections continued to fall.


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