June 9, 2023
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Local MEP’s son gets plum €105,000 job from dad’s political ally


THE SON of Ireland South MEP, Mick Wallace has been hired by the new MEP’s close associate and party colleague as her European Parliamentary assistant.

It has emerged MEP for Dublin, Clare Daly a fellow member of Wallace’s Independents 4 Change party, has hired Wallace’s son Fionn as one of her three assistants, a role which can command a €103,000 annual salary.

The EU has strict nepotism rules, preventing MEPs from hiring close family members as staff.

Fionn Wallace was employed by his father Mick to do policy and research work for him while the Wexford man was a member of the Dáil.

Clare Daly and Mick Wallace have aligned themselves with the European United Left/Nordic Green Left group in the European Parliament. The group has 41 members, and staunchly opposes the EU in its current form, but supports European integration.

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