February 28, 2021

Lost and hound! Kilkenny resort seeks owner of distressed dog discovered during thunderstorms


THIS pet dog was found running on the Mount Juliet Estate in county Kilkenny during last Saturday’s thunderstorms.

Staff at the hotel resort are now trying to reunite the small brown and black cross-breed with his owners.

The workers on the estate took the dog in after he was discovered running around Mount Juliet in a distressed state.

The dog was not chipped, but has two collars, one red, the other black. His adopted carers the vet to took him to a local vet to be checked over and he was found to be in good health, in spite of his ordeal.

The vet confirmed the dog is a male and is quite old.

Staff at Mount Juliet are looking to reunite the dog with his owner.

Anyone who recognises the dog or may know its owner is urged to contact 083 188 8631 or contact Mount Juliet Estate on 056 780 3445.

It is very common for older dogs to become scared and disorientated during thunderstorms.

And with more thunder and lightening forecase for this week, local dog owners are being urged to keep their pets indoors and secure until the worst of the weather passes.

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to animals has given the following advance  for dog owners who notice nervous behaviour in their dog during storms:

  1. Allow your dog inside the house`- This also prevents them from trying to escape
      2. Having human company will help to calm your dog
      3. Remain calm.  If you’re fearful during a storm your animal will pick up on this
      4. Closing curtains or blinds –  as it prevents the dog from seeing flashes of lightning
      5. If your dog has a favorite toy, let him have it during this time

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