April 1, 2023

Man (26) sentenced to 32 years in prison for murder of popular Kilkenny man (43) at London apartment

The man convicted of murdering a popular Kilkenny dancer at his flat in London has been sentenced to 32 years in jail.

Joel Osei (25) from London was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Adrian Murphy from Maudlin Street, Kilkenny, at a 17th-floor apartment in Battersea, southwest London, in June 2019.

Osei was found guilty last October of the murder  of the popular Irish dancer (43) by poisoning with a drug called scopolamine, commonly known as ‘Devils Breath’, after befriending him using fake profiles on the dating app, Grindr.

A co-accomplice and girlfriend of Osei, Diana Cristea (19) from Mill Hill in Barnet, London will be sentenced at a later date on charges of murder, theft and fraud.

Adrian Murphy was murdered on June 1, 2019 but his body was not found until June 4. This led to a major police investigation resulting in the arrests of Osei and Cristea in September 2019.

Adrian Murphy was a seven-time All-Ireland dance champion, who went on to produce and choreograph international shows such as Celtic Dance Force, Feet of Fire and FireDance – The show.

He also founded Adrian Murphy’s Academy of Dance, which had seven schools across Australia and New Zealand.

The talented Kilkenny dancer made regular appearances on TV in Australia while he lived there. He has also appeared on programmes in the UK and US.


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