August 4, 2021

Kilkenny village’s water finally safe to drink again after four years on danger list

Residents in a  Kilkenny village have been told their water is safe to drink after nearly four years being told their supply could pose serious risk.

The Glenmore Water Supply Scheme was removed from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Remedial Action List this week, a list it was originally placed on October 2017.

At that time the EPA found the supply for the South Kilkenny village was inadequate in the treatment of cryptosporidium.

The works done by Irish Water and Kilkenny County Council, to improve the water supply for the village now ensures the water to over 135 customers, is clean and safe to drink.

Irish Water Drinking Water Compliance Specialist Pat Duggan said: “This upgrade of Glenmore’s Water Supply Scheme is hugely important for the area.

“As part of this project, Irish Water upgraded the water treatment processes and installed a new ultra-violet (UV) disinfection system which meant that these works addressed the EPAs concerns regarding Cryptosporidium risk in the Glenmore supply and enabled its removal from the EPA’s Remedial Action List (RAL),” he added.



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