December 4, 2023

Mysterious green object spotted in skies above Kilkenny

A GIANT fireball was spotted streaking over Kilkenny’s sky yesterday. Some were baffled by what they saw, while others wondered if it signaled the end of the world?

The huge green fireball illuminated the early evening sky and was spotted all the way from West Cork and North Mayo, to the tip of Northern Ireland, Wales and Yorkshire.

One man, identified online as Rory L, saw the fireball shoot over Mount Juliet in Thomastown yesterday evening and reported the sighting to the American Meteor Society (AMS), who received 42 sightings from Ireland alone.

Rory told the AMS: “Scared the s**t out of me! Thought it was going to impact about 15/20miles away and that would be the end!”

The unidentified object flew across the sky, heading in a south east to north west direction shortly before 7pm yesterday.

Lisa Donegan, driving in Fermoy, county Cork captured some of the best footage of the event.


Later on yesterday evening, more reports came flooding in of seeing a second fireball close to 11pm, Astronomy Ireland confirmed both occurrences.

Fireballs occur when tiny meteor enter and then burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere.


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