June 20, 2024

Never too late: Kilkenny library member returns book – almost 30 years later!

A KILKENNY book borrower returned this classic Enid Blyton edition to their local library – almost 28 years after its due return date!

But because of the recent amnesty announced by Kilkenny Library Service, the lucky borrower will not be hit with any fines or penalties.

The borrower took the book out on February 22, 1991, and had kept the book, albeit in perfect condition, for three decades at their home.

At the start of January Kilkenny Library Service announced there would no longer be any overdue fines charged on materials taken out from the library and that existing overdue charges on members’ accounts would be removed.

The move – aimed at encouraging more people to return to their local libraries – has paid off and there has been a steady increase in members signing up.

Kilkenny Library Service has declared February to be ‘Sign Up’ month and is encouraging as many people as possible to become members of their local library and experience the diverse range of services and opportunities they provide.

Kilkenny County Council said: “Libraries are no longer just places to borrow books or study – they are also creative and engaging community centres where people can gather, make friends, relax, join a workshop and enjoy socialising with their local community.”

Last year Kilkenny Library Service saw its membership rise by 15%.


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