December 5, 2023

New drive to combat domestic violence in Kilkenny during lockdown

More than 15,000 contacts or attempts to contact the victims of domestic abuse have been recorded by An Garda Síochána since the beginning of the initial lockdown in March, new figures reveal.

More than 100 prosecutions are going through the legal system as a result of Operation Faoiseamh, the community engagement programme to combat domestic violence and provide protection to victims during the initial lockdown.

Now Gardai in Kilkenny have launched Phase III of the operation in a bit to protect victims of domestic abuse and to provide reassurance, support and to offer the assistance of local and specialised resources while working to prosecute offenders.

Gardai today announced there has been an 18% increase in calls for help from domestic violence victims to gardaí over the last year as well as a 14% increase in detections for breaches of court orders.

Speaking at the launch of Operation Faoiseamh – Phase 3, Detective Chief Superintendent Declan Daly, Garda National Protective Services Bureau said: “Prior to the commencement of Operation Faoiseamh, I assured those victims experiencing domestic abuse that An Garda Síochána were available to assist you in this difficult time.

“An Garda Síochána are mindful of the fear and concern some in our community may have at this time. I wish to take this opportunity to re-emphasise our commitment to protect the most vulnerable in society.

“Operation Faoiseamh has been established to ensure you are safe, if you feel threatened or are in fear please contact us and we will respond quickly and robustly,” Detective Chief Superintendent Daly added.

Gardai have urged anyone who is a victim of abuse or who knows of a family member or friend who has been abused to call n 999 or 112.


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