September 28, 2023

Bishop confirms number of masses said in Kilkenny will be reduced

The Diocese of Ossory has confirmed it will publish its full programme of rescheduled mass times this week, following confirmation the number of masses in the county will be reduced.

Bishop Dermot Farrell, in his Winter 2019 Pastoral Letter entitled “Our Living Church,” confirmed there will be new mass times in every parish in the diocese starting from December 1, Advent Sunday.

In his address, Bishop Farrell said: “Since my arrival as Bishop of Ossory a similar process of discernment has been taking place as we have attempted to explore how best to respond to the needs of our time. This is the ordinary work of the Church—continually to renew, grow and change.

“In our parishes, many conversations have been taking place as, together, we discern the promptings of the Spirit for our time.

“These conversations, as you may know, have led to the establishment of 13 pastoral areas, gathering our parishes into groups that can support each other and share resources.

“These conversations have also explored practical aspects to the life of the Church here in Ossory: most immediately this will be seen in new Mass times in every parish in our Diocese. Beginning on the First Sunday of Advent—December 1st next—there will be changes in the number of Masses in our parishes.

“These changes reflect the changing character of our parishes and communities: not only the effect of fewer clergy but also the need for greater collaboration between parishes.

“Simple changes such as allowing more time between Masses will permit and encourage, improved celebration, and better participation of everyone who comes to Church.

A spokesperson for the diocese confirmed that a full programme of masses and mass time will be made public in the coming week.

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