October 16, 2021

‘No backstop is no-deal’ – Varadkar tells Boris Johnson


AN Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Dublin this morning with the Prime Minister stating he wants a deal before leaving the EU.

Mr Johnson, speaking on the steps of Leinster House, said he wants to protect the economic unity of Ireland, to uphold the Good Friday agreement and does not envisage a return to a manned border in Northern Ireland.

The Taoiseach told Boris Johnson in no uncertain terms that he did not see the backstop being removed from a deal and said: “No backstop is no deal to us.”

“We have much to discuss… In my view, the story of Brexit will not end when the UK leaves,” Leo Varadkar warned Boris Johnson.

And the Taoiseach was very firm in his position with the UK Prime Minister saying: “we will not replace legal guarantees with a promise.”

Mr Varadkar did tell Mr Johnson that he wanted Ireland to be a friend of the UK post-Brexit but implied they he has heard no new ideas brought forward by the UK Government to bring about a deal.

Meetings are set to continue throughout the morning.


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