February 9, 2023

WEATHER FORECAST: See what’s in store for Kilkenny this week


THE weather in Kilkenny this week will be pretty good for the most part, but those showers just won’t go away.

Today will be cloudy mainly with a good chance of showers. It will be breezy with winds up to 30kph. It won’t be warm though temperatures of just 15 to 17 degrees. Overnight the temperature is set to fall, and it will be chilly, falling to around five degrees.

Tuesday will be much like today, it will be cool and cloudy to start, but could clear by the afternoon. The winds will drop and the showers are expected to hold off and temperatures might get up to 18 or 19 degrees. Overnight, it’s expected to rain for a couple of hours, but this means it will be a warmer night, at 13 or 14 degrees.

Wednesday will start pretty wet. It will clear early and turn into a nice day, temperatures again getting up to 18 or 19 degrees. Overnight it will be dry and cool, about nine or ten degrees.

Thursday will be a nice and surprisingly warm day. There will be a couple of showers throughout the day, but the temperatures are set to rise into the 20s and maybe hit 22 degrees.  Temperatures will plummet overnight however, dropping back to about six degrees.

Next weekend at the moment looks pretty good, the weather is looking pretty settled and could hit the mid-20s by Saturday and Sunday.


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