September 22, 2023

No Tom, Dick or Harry … Kilkenny’s most popular baby names revealed

Emma is Kilkenny’s most popular name for baby girls, while James is the leading choice for boys in the county.

The Central Statistics Office has revealed the country’ most popular baby names.

Although James tops the Kilkenny boy’s list it was beaten to the most popular boy’s name in Ireland in 2019 by Jack, according to the data. For the second year in a row, these are the two most popular boy’s names.

And while Emma seems to have grown in popularity in Kilkenny, it is way down the list of most popular names for girls nationally, being only the 12th most popular. Emma placed third nationally in 2018.

A quite similar name tops the national list – Emily, followed by Grace, Fiadh, Sophie, and Hannah.

Behind Jack and James, the most popular boys’ names are Noah, Conor, and Daniel, which happened to be the exact same top five as 2018.

The CSO also revealed the most popular baby’s names of 50 years ago and James is the only name that reappears in the top 10 names for either boys or girls.

Back in 1969, John was the most popular boy’s name, followed by Patrick, Michael, James, and Thomas.

Mary was most popular among girls, followed by Catherine, Margaret, Ann, and Elizabeth.




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