May 21, 2022
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Number of house sales across Kilkenny tumble

There was a sharp drop in house sales in Kilkenny in 2020, according to newly published data.

The latest Residential Price Property Index released by the Central Statistics Office reveals there was 141 fewer houses transactions in Kilkenny city and county last year than in 2019.

Just 847 homes were sold in 2020, a drop from 978 the previous year. In 2018 993 homes were sold in Kilkenny.

The average house price in Kilkenny remains relatively unchanged year on year. However, average house prices continue to rise.

Last year the average price of a house sold in Kilkenny stood at €230,733, a drop of just €500 on 2019 prices, which stood at €231, 247 – a drop of less than a quarter of 1%.

In 2018, the average house price was €223,380, 3.4% less than current prices.

The price most frequently paid for a house in Kilkenny has increased steadily over the last couple of years, increasing at almost 2.5% per year.

Last year the average  price paid for a house was €215,000, up from €210,000 in 2019 and €205,000 in 2018.

Residential property prices (houses and apartments) increased by 3% nationally last year.


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