June 2, 2023

Over 1,000 motorists now waiting for a driving test in Kilkenny: new figures

MORE than 1,000 motorists are waiting for a driving test in Kilkenny, new figures reveal.

A total of 476 are waiting for an appointment for the Kilkenny centre, while a further 617 who already have an appointment are still waiting to do the test.

Figures released by Transport Minister Shane Ross show that the average wait for a test in Kilkenny is 7.3 weeks, slightly under the national average. The longest wait recorded here is 11 weeks.

The figures, supplied in response to a question from Senator Victor Boyhan, reveal that Tallaght, in Dublin, has the biggest number of motorists on its waiting list, with 2,3000 waiting for an appointment and 2,754 waiting for the test.

The comparable figures for Cork city are 2,048 and 2491. The longest waiting time is in Wicklow, an average o f 17.6 weeks.

Nationally there are 79,694 people waiting for an appointment with 30,371 awaiting scheduled tests.

The minister told Senator Boyhan that the Road Safety Authority’s national average target waiting time for a driving test is no longer than 10 weeks.

“Of the 50 test centres around the country, 33 currently meet this target, with many of those coming in under 10 weeks,” he said.  But Mr Ross conceded that waiting times at some centres are considerably longer.

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