July 24, 2024

Over 4,000 car parking tickets issued in Kilkenny since pandemic: report

Kilkenny County Council dished out more than 4,000 parking tickets to motorists throughout the pandemic, new figures reveal.

The figures are revealed in a report published in the Irish Independent, which found local authorities across the country fined motorists more than €6.6 million after handing our over 168,000 parking tickets since last March.

Kilkenny accounted for the 11th highest number of fines in the country, with a total of 4,061. This contrasts with neighbouring Carlow, where just 391 car parking fines were issued in the same period.

The nujmber of parking fines varies greatly from county to county. Wexford County Council issued the highest number (5,602) in the south east, which was more than double the amount in Tipperary (2,627) and over five times the amount in Laois (934).

Waterford was the only local authority in the country that did not provide parking ticket figures, according to the report.

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