July 12, 2024

Parents of newborn will be able to stay at home for full first year

PARENTS will be able to look after their newborn baby at home for the first year under new Government plans to extend parental benefit.

The Government has promised to give mothers and fathers seven weeks of paid leave each by 2021.

When combined with existing maternity and paternity entitlements and normal annual leave, it means couples will have enough time off for one of them to be at home at all times for the year.

In last month’s Budget, it was announced paid parental leave will be rolled out from late 2019 with both parents entitled to two weeks off.

It has now been confirmed that this will be extended to seven weeks each by 2021. The State will pay an allowance of €245 per week.

At least 65,000 individual parents from Kilkenny and across the country are expected to benefit from the scheme in a year.

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