July 12, 2024

Party’s over: Frontline workers and public unite in disgust after gardai forced to shutdown multiple house parties in Kilkenny

Gardai in Kilkenny were forced to break up ‘multiple’ house parties over the weekend and said people who are throwing parties and attending them are putting lives at risk.

Local residents and frontline staff are furious with the antics of a minority of people and have aired their disgust online saying these are the actions of ‘people without an ounce of humanity’ which is ‘soul destroying’ to witness.

Other people horrified to hear the blatant flaunting of social distancing guidelines have called for off-licences to be closed and suggest that supermarkets stop selling alcohol.

Kilkenny gardai have reported they were forced to break up a number of incidents of illegal house parties over Easter weekend where large numbers of people had gathered.

They would like to remind people that hosting and attending house parties is illegal under current guidelines and people can face prosecution if caught at an illegal party or is they are the host of it.

In a statement released on social media, Kilkenny gardai said: “In an evening that gave us the Shining the Light community initiative which showed the best of our spirit, unfortunately others fell short.

“House parties were reported in multiple locations by people who prioritised their enjoyment over the safety and health of others.

“This can undo good work and ultimately cost lives. The special measures in force mean that such gatherings are illegal at the moment.

“Calls were received by Gardai up to the early hours. Social distancing becomes impossible when households mix after consuming alcohol and other intoxicants.

“To the vast majority with their shoulders to the wheel in these tough times, thank you.

“To those who fell short, please, please look around you and think,” the statement concluded.

Kilkenny residents took to social media to air their disgust at the reports with the majority asking people throwing these parties to think of the frontline staff, the same staff they would have to rely upon if they were sick.

One frontline worker said: “I’ll never understand some people or what’s happening in their lives. Poor stupidity and no regard for others.

“Thanks to the Garda for all their hard work. I’m a frontline worker – think before you do stupid things,” they said.

Another poster believes these people should be made watch the reality of the situation the public is facing into and said: “It is heartbreaking what the world is suffering at the moment.

“These people should be made to watch someone taking their last breath and perhaps they might change their actions,” they concluded.





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