November 28, 2023

Pile of rubbish: Dumper last taxed 13 years ago taken off Kilkenny road by gardai

A massive dirt-mover, which has not been taxed in more than 13 years, was impounded after being stopped on a road in Kilkenny this morning.

Added to this it was found to be in a dangerous condition for other road users having three bald tyres and no lights.

Members of the Kilkenny Roads Policing Unit pulled over the huge construction vehicle in Paulstown this morning following an alert appearing on the new Garda roads app, ANPR.

The app reported the vehicle was last taxed 4,921 days ago, equating to just over 13 years.

While inspecting the vehicle, gardai discovered three defective and worn tyres on the massive vehicle. It was also found the dumper had no rear lights, indicators or brake lights.

The vehicle has been impounded by gardai.

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