December 9, 2023

Power restored to all but 25 Kilkenny homes in wake of Storm Brendan

Emergency crews in Kilkenny are still out dealing with the fallout from Storm Brendan, 24 hours after the storm ripped through the county.

After some frantic and tireless work, just 25 homes remain without power this afternoon and ESB Networks are working to rectify this.

The National network provider had crews working into the late hours of last night trying to bring the power back to the near 500 homes affected in Kilkenny yesterday and now just a fraction of that figure remain.

ONly one fault remains to be rectified, where 25 homes close to Castlewarren remain without power. ESB Networks hopes to have power restored to these homes early this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the more than a dozen roads affected by fallen trees yesterday have all been cleared by Kilkenny County Council staff.

People are being warned to be careful while driving as some there could be some loose branches still on the roads or yet to fall.

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