December 3, 2023

‘RIP cervical cancer warrior’ – Kilkenny’s Vicky Phelan pays moving tribute to fellow campaigner

KILKENNY campaigner Vicky Phelan paid an emotional tribute to her fellow “cervical cancer warrior” Tracey Brennan who was laid to rest today.

Ms Brennan had tirelessly lobbied the Government alongside Ms Phelan and fellow campaigner Aine Morgan (pictured together above) for the expensive Pembrolizumab drug to be available to every single woman enduring cervical cancer.

The mother, who was diagnosed with stage-two cervical cancer in 2017 following a smear test, had received treatment but suffered a relapse in April 2018.

Ms Phelan wrote on Twitter: “I was utterly heartbroken to hear this news…

“RIP Tracey Brennan: friend, fellow cervical cancer warrior and campaigner. My sincere condolences to Aidan and Evan.”

Ms Brennan’s funeral took place earlier today at St Patrick’s Church, Cloverhill in her native Roscommon.

In January, Ms Brennan and the other campaigners’ demands were finally met.

The Department of Health announced the immunotherapy drug known as ‘Pembro’ would be provided to all cervical cancer patients provided their doctors recommended the treatment.

The three women’s constant campaigning changed the medical landscape for all cervical cancer patients, ensuring there would be no wealth divide when it came to this treatment.

Women of all ages can develop cervical cancer, but it mostly affects women aged 30 to 45. Cervical cancer is very rare in women under 25.

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