June 8, 2023

Search resumes for man missing in Kilkenny’s River Nore for more than four weeks

The dive for the man missing in the River Nore in Kilkenny for more than four weeks has finally resumed as conditions have improved sufficiently.

As the search for the man missing in the River Nore now enters its 29th day, divers have once again been able to enter the water.

Searches for the man were severely hampered by Storms Ciara, Dennis, and Jorge and the conditions they brought about. It was not safe to dive at any point in the last three weeks as the River Nore was carrying debris, experiencing strong currents and a high-swell, while visibility underwater was poor.

However, since Storm Jorge passed, conditions have improved, and divers were able to enter the water over the weekend.

Since the dives have resumed, rescue services have focused their search for the man reported missing in the River Nore since Monday, February 10, on the section of the river where he went in, around John’s Bridge in the city.

Members of the Garda Diving Team, Kilkenny Civil Defence, Kilkenny Sub Aqua Club and the Kilkenny Gardai are all assisting in the search.

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